WiFi in the office

WiFi has become an essential service inside offices and is mandatory to enable employee mobility within the premises. A professional WiFi infrastructure also proves to be useful in meeting the growing demand for personal device connectivity at work (BYOD).

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A WiFi network for a connected outlet

Perceive the WiFi beyond its usual primary use. Get to know the uses of custimers, relay your offers and promotions via the WiFi network and become a real pioneer in the digitalizations of outlets.

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High end WiFi

Wifirst guarantees a quality broadband experience regardless of the number of simultaneous users on the network. Wifirst has the most advanced WiFi expertise on the market and has developed unique QoS algorithms to provide its customers with best-in-class service.

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AP Aerohive 250

A turnkey offer

As an end-to-end service provider, Wifirst takes care of everything: network planning and rollout and all costs associated with it, round-the-clock service monitoring, on-site maintenance, customer support, lawful interception and sales promotion.
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A real-time service monitoring center

The Wifirst Center is the web front end allowing for monitoring and administrating the service: usage statistics, network and equipments status, support contact, communication tools, etc.

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Smart Portal

A secured and customized portal is available for your customers. The WiFi portal is a fully fledged marketing tool featuring email addresses collection and management, message posting, personalized RSS feeds, etc.

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